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  • Great bot with excellent guides on how to get it set up and working. Weekly updates and emails on keywords are great. Best customer support for a bot I've ever seen and have been able to get a lot of Supreme thanks to the bot!

    Connor Z
  • Good bot that is easy to use and fast. SupremeSlayer is the most reliable and advanced Supreme bot on the market.

    Martin H
  • I’ve brought over 30 copies of this program and have had major success using it. It is a must have for Supreme! I always recommend the ultimate version as it allows for unlimited tasks to cop the hottest and most limited releases. Thanks TeamSlayer for creating and constantly updating an ever so essential tool!

    Dennis S
  • SupremeSlayer is the most reliable and advanced Supreme bot on the market. The bot will handle any change thrown at it by Supreme with their constant updates. Not only is this the best option on the market for purchasing Supreme, the developer is always open and listening for new features or changes you, the user, would like to implement. I suggested a few features and within a week, they were added or being worked on for a future update.

    Bertie D
  • SupremeSlayer is an amazing bot which is very simple to use and way better than any other bot on the market. They also have the best customer support that is very friendly and responsive.

    Zac M
  • Could not recommend SupremeSlayer, or any other of the Slayer bots, enough. This will greatly improve your chances of succeeding on release day.

    Matt F
  • This is probably the most reliable Supreme bot on the market. You can easily secure items you want as it is easy to use, easy to setup and customer service is great.

    Vee M
  • Best Supreme bot on the public market right now hands down. They keep the bot updated and customer service is great if all the tutorials aren’t enough.

    Felix B
  • The program has a very straightforward design and doesn't contain anything you don't need. I didn't even need to look at the guide on how to use it. Does exactly what it says it does!

    Simon B
  • It was very easy to buy at Supreme Japan. Seriously recommended tool.

    Toshiki H
  • SupremeSlayer is a necessity which performs brilliantly and no other bot out there can compare.

    Luca R
  • Very friendly UI and easy to understand. I have been cooking every week this season since I've purchased it.

    Jeremy N
  • Regular updates, user-friendly UI, easy to use, and most importantly, makes your money back!

    Hai N
  • I'd recommend SupremeSlayer for sure – great bot and great customer service.

    Hiroki K
  • Best Bot to cook on Supreme! Easy to use and great customer support!

    Jerome J
  • This bot is awesome, great customer service and gets me the items I need every week!

    Lewis C