The Ultimate Supreme Solution

Stay one step ahead with SupremeSlayer.

Powerful performance, instant checkouts

The complete package to instantly checkout your favourite streetwear.

No More Queues

No More Queues

Let SupremeSlayer do the hard work for you. Never waste time standing in line again.

Quick Setup

Quick Setup

SupremeSlayer is quick and easy to setup and configure with simple documentation and an intuitive user interface.

Multiple Pairs

Multiple Checkouts

No restrictions on the number of products you can purchase with our unique release system.


Easily manage your licence

Be in complete control of your product activation.

Easily manage your licence

The key ingredients for success

Everything needed to cook your favourite releases.

Global Support

Global Support

Compatible with all three Supreme New York regions including: Europe, United States and Japan. SupremeSlayer also incorporates the popular Cash On Delivery option as an alternative for card payments.

Avoid Detection and Bans

Avoid Detection and Bans

You can easily import proxies to help avoid detection and bans, as well as checking your proxies with our built-in proxy tester.

Track Your Success

Track Your Success

With a built-in success monitor, SupremeSlayer makes it easy to keep track, sort and export all your successful checkouts from a release.



Our manual harvester incorporates multiple tabs, making it even easier and quicker than ever to solve CAPTCHA in one click.


All you need to secure your favourite streetwear

Powerful features for an unrivalled performance.

  • Multi-region

    Worldwide support for all three regions: Europe, United States and Japan.

  • Keywords

    Target your preferred product using both style and colour keywords.

  • Cash On Delivery

    Take advantage of the Cash On Delivery payment method where available.

  • Proxy Support

    Both HTTP and HTTPS proxies are supported which can help avoid detection and bans.

  • CAPTCHA Ready

    Easily bypass CAPTCHAs with manual and automatic options.

  • Scheduler

    You can schedule SupremeSlayer to start automatically even if you're not at your computer.

  • Success Monitor

    Track your successful checkouts and easily export them for your records.

  • Notifications

    Receive notifications when SupremeSlayer successfully purchases an item.

  • Multithreaded

    Efficiently utilises multiple CPU cores to optimally run your tasks.

  • Automatic Updates

    Automatically keeps itself up-to-date so you are always on the latest version.

  • 24/7 Support

    Fast, unlimited and unrivalled support from our technical team.

  • Easy Upgrades

    Upgrade as you go with four editions available to suit all budgets.


Thousands of checkouts with SupremeSlayer

Don't just take our word for it, take a look at some of our feedback below:

  • This is the best Supreme bot in the market. No need to worry about being AFK with the scheduler, just know it cooks.

    Dee W
  • Got a lot in Supreme Japan. Faster than the other bots and will not crash. Set up is very simple and clear. Highly recommended!

    Nihon P