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  • Nothing but high remarks for SoleSlayer and their excellent customer service. I would highly recommend this to anyone that is interested in getting into the sneaker community.

    Eric M
  • I love using SoleSlayer! Always gets the job done, even when I am at work just set it and watch the success emails roll in! Keep up the great work.

    Dylan T
  • Does very well on all footsite releases and is my go-to bot along with a couple friends. Never disappoints.

    Jeremy L
  • This bot makes you a chef. Easy setup and easy to learn. It's simple and it gets the job done, it goes beyond the standards when it comes to getting shoes from footsites.

    Barry L
  • Pretty solid bot. SoleSlayer has helped me cook on most releases including a recent restock where speed was very much key. Overall it has paid for itself and I am happy.

    Ryan S
  • Really good bot! I definitely recommend this one so don‘t sleep on SoleSlayer and get your Yeezys.

    Paul S
  • I think SoleSlayer is the best footsite bot. I cop every single time.

    Anish R
  • SoleSlayer is hands down the best bot for footsites. It's super easy to use even for a beginner, just add proxies and a server and there is no stopping SoleSlayer.

    Jason C
  • Absolutely cooks on footsites every drop.

    Josh J
  • When it comes to footsites, Soleslayer has always been on top and I have no doubts that Soleslayer will do well during Yeezy season.

    Dallas G
  • The best program on the market you can buy. I recommend it 100%.

    Michael N
  • Perfect for footsites. Absolutely destroys releases!

    Brandon M
  • SoleSlayer is a powerful bot and once you've mastered using it, you'll be cooking every drop! TeamSlayer are always willing to help you out and give you tips.

    Omar B
  • Don't waste your time or money anywhere else, with the right proxies and server you will be set and no other bot can beat this. The user interface is by far one of the easiest to navigate.

    Zachary A